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Roman Fischer Fitness

I Help Busy People Destroy Fat
WITHOUT Fad Diets!



What Got Me Into Fitness and Nutrition?

When I was 15 years old I saw my younger brother lifting weights which helped inspire me to do the same. I also wanted to get a 6 pack and had a STRONG desire to want to live longer and just be healthier in general. My old ways of eating whatever I laid eyes on and sitting around playing video games just didn't cut it for me anymore and I wanted to make a SERIOUS lifestyle change! The rest is history!


What Made Me Decide to Help People?

When I saw my grandfather and a close family friend pass away due to serious health problems due to cancer and unhealthy eating habits I knew I didn't want the same exact thing to happen all over again to the people I know and love (from my friends, family) and even to the whole entire world population! I figured I'd take it upon myself to help transform people's lives one body at a time and to ultimately help transform the world!

What is My Ultimate Goal with Roman Fischer Fitness?

My ultimate goal with Roman Fischer Fitness is to help transform other people’s lives from their mind to their bodies no matter their fitness goals. Whether you want to gain muscle and strength, burn fat, do a body recomp, or simply just gain more flexibility and mobility I want to help you become an even BETTER YOU!

What Gets Me Excited and Fulfills Me About Working With Clients?

What truly gets me excited and fulfilled about what I currently do with my clients is seeing them on their fitness journey TRANSFORM from what they once were initially to the WARRIOR that they BECAME!! Hearing and seeing their RESULTS is astounding to me and nothing in the world fulfills me more than witnessing the POSITIVE LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS they get and knowing I was able to help them achieve that!

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Pamela Duncan
Little Rock, AR

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Aisha Lovejoy
Kansas City, MO

Maria Baca

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From BULKY to CUT!

Pamela Duncan's
Video Testimonial

Aisha Lovejoy's
Video Testimonial

Maria Baca's
Video Testimonial

Martin Andrepont-Aycock's
Video Testimonial

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